Fall Fall, Baby… Fall its here and well not my favorite season but every second should be enjoyed in life and I’m not planning to stop celebrating life. On my second picture,  you can see that I’m at the beach. Well, Tom and I did a summer farewell. We went to the beach,  brought a blanket, pillows, a ukulele and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon before it gets cold again for six long months. I’m also sharing some of my looks for this season.

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Hello everyone,

We spent our halloween at COSM (The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors) by Alex and Alysson Grey. I love visiting Cosm because the atmosphere is always unique. Who wouldn’t have a great time when you are surrounded by happy people, dancers, painters, awesome DJs, etc. I mean is just great to be here  and I totally recommend you to visit it for any of their events such as the solstice, equinox or full moon events. The theme of the party was Demons and Deities. I can’t describe it, just check the pics and videos and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Good Vibes!

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