I feel grateful everyday for the life I have, I also feel grateful for the opportunities I get everyday. I was lucky enough to visit the Amazon for the first time. Even though I’m Peruvian and I should’ve done it a while ago, I didn’t and when the opportunity to visit came I didn’t think twice. The Amazon rainforest is filled with beauty, love and life.
The Amazon covers not only the largest tropical forest remaining in the world; It is also home to at least 10% of the world ‘s known biodiversity , including endemic flora and fauna and endangered. The Amazon river represents between 15% and 16 % of the total river discharge to the oceans of the world. The river flows along more than 6,600 km and contains the largest species of freshwater fish in the world. Equally impressive is the immeasurable number of mammals , birds, amphibians and reptiles that can be found throughout the biome.
There’s so much to see, feel and taste. The Amazon rainforest is a gift that should be appreciated. I highly recommend everyone to visit it at least once.

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