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Hello everyone!

Last week I was in Manchester, UK. I’ve been to a few places in the UK but never to Manchester. To my surprise, it was a very laid back place. I went with my mom and it was a great bonding experience, we disconnected, relaxed and enjoyed our time together.

Big thanks to ETIHAD AIRWAYS for sponsoring this whole trip. They took really good care of us from the moment we left NY to the moment we got back. They took us around to learn everything about soccer, how cool is that? We went to the Etihad Stadium where we got to play soccer with the players, went to their locker rooms, wore their uniforms and had a super yummy lunch at their cafeteria.

The whole experience was great, my mom and I went shopping in the afternoons and also went out to eat at different places. Cool fact: Manchester was founded in the 1st  Century so you can imagine all the awesome vintage finds I was able to discover, from old books to crazy memorabilia. I love vintage clothing, so my goal was to find cool clothing and post cards.

The last day of our trip we attended a soccer match Man City vs Aston Villa. During the half time we went to the field and got to walk with our country flags. It was an experience I will never forget.



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Sandra Manay


And here is another story… July 29 our adventure to Cuzco began. We landed at around 17:00 hrs, took a taxi and checked in at our hotel. The hotel was great, we booked a room that had a bed hanging from the ceiling, I always wanted a bed like that so the thematic hotel “Wifala” was a great option. We changed and went to explore town for a bit, many people were recommending us a restaurant with good authentic food from Cuzco but the place wouldn’t open until 19:30 hrs and we couldn’t wait since we were hungry. While walking trough town we found a little market and in the back they had some small cafes, we gave it a shot and we weren’t disappointed.

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