25 Roses…my birthday!

A birthday its a celebration of the day you were born but I was never really excited about birthdays. The only exciting part, was that it was an excuse to have my family together.  I always celebrated my birthday with the ocasional dinner with family and maybe one or two friends. I always liked the laid back dinner, lunch or maybe go out to eat at my favorite restaurant with my parents, sister and Tom. If I celebrated my birthday in Perú (summer time) I would cook something and have my family over and at night we will go out for a few drinks. If I celebrated in the US,  it was super laid back because its in the winter time.

I always disliked the idea of birthday dinners in the US. Usually the birthday girl or boy picks a place and their friends come but they have to pay for the dinner. Most people don’t like to attend but they do it as a compromise just to be supportive, some birthday hosts are kind to their guests while others pick the most expensive place they can find. I was always against those dinners because the ideal birthday to me is the one you thank your guests for taking their time to spend it with you.

I never celebrated my 15th birthday (quinceañero) because my ideas were a bit too eccentric at the time. I was living in a city in northern Perú and I wanted to have drag queens and strippers…yeah maybe a bit too much since I was attending a super religious high school and my friend’s parents would’ve gone nuts. Instead I took a solo trip when I turned 16 and that was one of the greatest memories I have, being in Europe for the first time trying to go around with my broken english but hey.. it was worth it.

A few months ago Tom told me that we should all go back to Perú to celebrate my big 25th. At first we wanted to go to Vichayito, a beach in northern Piura and have a beach party with a bbq and  have my family come over but then quickly I realized my close family consists of more than 40 people. I didn’t wanted to make them travel so far just to celebrate my birthday. I decided to do it at a hotel in Chiclayo were most of my family lives.


I threw my party the same day of my birthday, on January 21st. My family is very close together, my friends and family know each other for a long time and we are just a big group. Some of my friends and family came from other cities and I’m super grateful for that. I can now say my 25th birthday was one of the happiest days of my life.

A big thanks to my people and cheers to love!



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