Fall Fall, Baby… Fall its here and well not my favorite season but every second should be enjoyed in life and I’m not planning to stop celebrating life. On my second picture,  you can see that I’m at the beach. Well, Tom and I did a summer farewell. We went to the beach,  brought a blanket, pillows, a ukulele and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon before it gets cold again for six long months. I’m also sharing some of my looks for this season.

Oh… and I wanted to tell you about this place I recently discovered and I love. It’s called Summers, they have amazing threats. I decided to give it a shot one day and I kept going for more.

Recommended Threats:

  • Poke Bowl
  • Cold Press Juice
  • Vegetable Juice
  • Açaí Bowl


fall-fall-8Summers NYCfall-fall-5Summers NYCfall-fall-11Summers NYC