Hello lovely humans,

I would like to share with you some pictures from a shoot I did with a photographer I love. Her style is great, her vibes are contagious and she is very very sweet. We did this shoot on a cold afternoon on the beach, we are in the east coast and October is definitely cold. It was fun overall, I got to relax, have tea and sushi afterwards and enjoy an empty beach just for us.

I also got to use my beautiful Handira or also called “Moroccan wedding blanket” by Atlas Secrets. I loved wearing it, so cozy and perfect for this season. If you don’t know what Handiras are let me tell you a bit about them.  Handers are given as a gift to a bride. They are made with love by the bride’s female family members for her to wear and carry to her new house. While making the blanket they sing beautiful songs, this is why it is believed that Handiras will protect the bride from the evil eye and bring her good luck and fortune. The blankets are also used by westerns as a decorative item or accessory, I respect their tradition but love also using it in a different way. Big thanks to Naljae that taught me a bit of her culture.


Dress & Top: Free People

Accessories: Free People

Moroccan Wedding Blanket: Atlas Secrets

Photography: Evgeniia V.