Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you some experiences of a recent trip I did to México with Tom. This year we’ve been lucky enough to be able to experience new cultures, traditions and cuisines. Traveling has helped me open my eyes to a new world and no matter how often I do it, I never finish discovering things that take my breath away.

Let me tell you all about it. When we arrived in Cancún airport we went to pick up our rental car, we enjoy the freedom of transporting ourselves everywhere we go without depending on taxis or pick up times. We drove to the hotel, check in, grabbed some cocktails and proceed to relax. At night we went to a hibachi place, the food was amazing.

Next morning we woke up very early, had a quick breakfast to power up to go diving in the cenotes. It was our first time cavern diving so I was a bit nervous. I can’t describe the beauty you can experience while diving here, the rock formations are magical, so beautiful and bright. We got back to the hotel to have lunch and relax. Diving can take all your energy, especially me I get extra tired.

At night, we went to have dinner at the restaurant “Passion by Martin Berastegui”. The chef is a seven star Michelin winner so you can imagine the quality and taste of the food.

Next morning we woke up early to have some breakfast and go get our couple massage at Yhi Spa. We are usually very busy so we didn’t know how much we needed it. The massage was great, we felt amazing.  YHI Spa and Fitness Club is perfect for a much needed relaxation and rejuvenation. The Spa is a full service beauty salon, fourteen massage cabins, wet and dry saunas. After that we went swimming, snorkeling and exploring the city.  At night we went for some sushi, I have a sushi obsession and no matter where I go I need to have it. The following day was our last day so we just decided to relax, swim a bit, eat and nap by the pool before we head back home.

Mexican Vibes!

Chac Mool Cavern Diving

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Passion by Martin Berastegui

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Mexico-1894 Mexico-1834

A little bit of everything 

Mexico-1921 Mexico-1918 Mexico-1906

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