Hello everyone,

Since I’ve been sharing different experiences about my trip to Bali, I would like to share some more sweet stories. Last month I was lucky enough to get in contact with Kasey, she recently launched her online bikini shop in Bali and we decided to collaborate.

While in Bali we were going to meet up at her showroom but Kasey was kind enough to invite us over to have a traditional Balinese brunch at her home. We were very excited to meet her, have homemade Balinese brunch and just relax on a Sunday morning.

When we arrived I was excited to see all the lovely pets she had at her house, it was so lovely to see so much light and love around. I loved her house and overall the traditional Balinese houses. Balinese architecture is so far one of my favorites, their architecture is influenced by Balinese culture developed from Hindu influences and ancient Javanese. Their philosophy and spirituality influenced its design; much owed to Balinese Hinduism.

We spent a sweet Sunday morning together, laughing, exchanging life experiences and falling in love, falling in love with the Balinese lifestyle. Before leaving Kasey allowed me to choose from a big selection of bikinis, I will be posting more pictures of the bikinis in my future posts.

Good friendships are everything…

Bikini by: Air Resort Swimwear