Hello again,

Bali is a place full of traditions, a rich culture and a beautiful history. During our stay we wanted to experience some of these magical places Bali has to offer. We were staying near Kuta so we decided to go to Ubud for the day.

We watched a play, visited rice fields, temples, Kopi Luwak plantation, a volcano, traditional Balinese food and to end it, the beautiful monkey forest.

Highlights of our day trip:


Kopi Luwak Plantation:

Kopi Luwak refers to the coffee that has been eaten and defecated by a civet cat. The taste is supposed to be exquisite since the civets choose to eat coffee berries containing better beans. They eat the berries for the beans’ fleshy pulp, and then in the digestive tract, fermentation occurs.

It all started when the Dutch, owning plantations at the time didn’t allow the farmers to collect the coffee beans for their personal use. This limitation forced the farmers to collect the coffee seed droppings, clean it, roast it and ground them. It didn’t take too long for the Dutch to find out about it and get interested on it.

Kopi Luwak is the most expensive coffee in the world and even in the colonial era it was expensive because of its rare process. As everything that requires a high demand, there are certain things that seem to be off. The civets are kept in cages and force-feed instead of leaving them in the wild. I quit coffee for a long time so I didn’t try it; Tom did and wasn’t very impressed with the roasting method.

Monkey Forest:

The forest is so beautiful; it was on my bucket list for a while. I love monkeys and this was hand down the best part of the day.


Where to eat?

Ibu Oka: They specialize in Babi guling, which is the Balinese roasted pig, the taste is indescribable. I won’t give you many details but I just recommend it to try it and enjoy it till the end piece.

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Traditional Balinese dance:

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Monkey Forest:

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Kopi Luwak:

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