Hello everyone,

The past two weeks have been amazing, I’ve been to beautiful places and I’m so excited to share my experiences with you. Abu Dhabi is a magical place and  I highly recommend you to get out of your comfort zone, visit it and create your own adventures.

Tom and I visited the Mosque the day we arrived. We went before the sunset and the views were indescribable.  We were lucky enough to stay at Jumeirah hotel and loved everything about it. If you happen to visit Abu Dhabi I highly recommend you to stay there, the staff is amazing, the service is top notch, and the infrastructure is beautiful. They have great restaurants, I know I should’ve gone for something more traditional but couldn’t resist the sushi at  Tori No Su.

We also did a safari tour which was amazing and exhausting because of the weather (very very hot). We went off roading, visited a camel farm, and watched the beautiful sunset. To end it, we went to the Arabic themed camp where we had the opportunity to get a henna tattoo, watch a belly dancers, have BBQ and smoke shisha. Some people chose to ride the camels and do sand boarding as well.

I’m a big foodie so for breakfast I highly recommend Rosewater, a breakfast buffet at Jumeirah. The food was excellent, they had everything you could think of from Arabic food to Indian, seafood, steak, salads, and the list goes on. Also if you want to have a good view of Abu Dhabi you should check the “Observation Deck at 300”

Abu Dhabi is very modern but if you want to experience the old Abu Dhabi, you should check the Heritage Village. The village is a reconstructed version of how Abu Dhabi looked before oil. You can  see how the houses looked like. There are workshops where craftsmen show their work such as metal, weaving, pottery, and spinning. The craftsmen are very kind and are very happy to show you how each craftsmanship works.

Enjoy the pictures, and my Abu Dhabi adventures!

Abu Dhabi-3631 Abu Dhabi-3631 Abu Dhabi-3645 Abu Dhabi-3655 Abu Dhabi-3662 Abu Dhabi-3685 Abu Dhabi-3686AbuDhabi-4534Abu Dhabi-4790
Abu Dhabi-4597

Abu Dhabi-4658

Abu Dhabi-4654
Abu Dhabi-4649 Abu Dhabi-4622Abu Dhabi-4765 Abu Dhabi-4713 Abu Dhabi-4707 AbuDhabi-4768AbuDhabi-4793Abu Dhabi-4850 Abu Dhabi-4835 Abu Dhabi-4811 Abu Dhabi-4808 Abu Dhabi-4865 Abu Dhabi-4859

Recommended Airline: Etihad