Last week in Vegas was sunny, hot, sweet and bright. I spent most of the time enjoying the weather without thinking what was going on, the entire city was filled with a young crowd of EDM fans. I consider myself one, but I guess reggae is just my passion and I enjoy the calm and relax that the lyrics bring to me.

I am passionate for food and I believe Vegas is not the place for me to visit when looking for the right spots. Most of the time I spent looking for something exquisite that will please my tastebuds but I was very disappointed. Living in NYC makes me very spoiled, having access to hundreds of different cuisines It’s hard to find a place that can be compared to it.

The highlight of this trip was the Grand Canyon,  Arizona. I can’t describe the breathtaking feeling once you find yourself in front of that beautiful landscape. Tom and I have been making lists of wonders of the world that we will visit and this natural wonder is just one of the many that we will be seeing. The world is just full of surprises and I’m so eager to find out more about it.

Sun is shining….

Photography by: Tom Konik and I

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