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Romantic, a self expression or simply a feeling. I did this photoshoot with a friend because I wanted to capture my feelings, my mood, the way I feel during this time of the year. I wanted to portray my emotions. Perhaps, I can express it with a poem I borrowed from a famous write or a song I just listened. I can also portray it with a photoshoot, this is who I am.

(While doing the shoot, my friend’s cat came and wouldn’t leave my sight)

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Fall Fall, Baby… Fall its here and well not my favorite season but every second should be enjoyed in life and I’m not planning to stop celebrating life. On my second picture,  you can see that I’m at the beach. Well, Tom and I did a summer farewell. We went to the beach,  brought a blanket, pillows, a ukulele and enjoyed a relaxing afternoon before it gets cold again for six long months. I’m also sharing some of my looks for this season.

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Sandra Manay


Hello everyone, if you want some halloween inspiration check our costumes from the past three years. Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, growing up in Peru wasn’t fun since people doesn’t celebrate it at all. Now, I don’t miss any halloween event.

Corpse Bride: 2012

Pirates: 2013

Dark Fallen Angel and Monster: 2014

Witches: 2015

Enjoy, xx

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